Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Replies to comments... ^_^

Wah, this is a surprise - and thanks for nominating my blog - ack, didn't know so many people read it....so embarressing.. ^_^ A small hint - my posts are super long and wordy so always scroll down to estimate what you're getting yourself into before starting...=)

Anyways, since people are now forced to read my blog, (and I have free advertising space...haha..) I'll just mention some blogs that I really enjoyed reading, so you all can read those too...

I was inspired by Yuming and Jiayang's blog to write about my own experiences, but I think their experiences are more touching and interesting to read than mine. They took alot of effort to write it up and I think its very worth reading, so do drop by there if you have time..

Sharon's last post was very touching also, but for some reason access is blocked..hm. BUT. If you have google reader you can still read her last post from there..haha.. ^_^ Reading Wang Sha's blog also impressed me alot, especially when she said this for her last post:

What have we learnt?

1. HTML, PHP, CSS, Ajax, ActionScript, SQL, Mysql, Flex, Microsoft Visual Studio, WPF

Four month ago, I knew absolutely nothing about them. Now I can use them to create something.

Wah I after I read that I think the Xiaonei team is legendary. I don't even think I will be able to learn as much as they did in the same time frame. :p


Anyways, another reason I'm posting them here is because my laptop has some problem allowing me to post comments, and I've been wanted to leave comments on these people's blogs so I'll just leave them here..hahaha...hopefully you all read my blog...


@yuming - Hee I always liked reading your blog coz I realize we think alike on some issues... Like how I cannot stand slackers who always do half assed work and say they need personal time - but I'm also starting to understand that life is not all about work and to tone down my perfectionist streak also... Which is why I was breaking down halfway thru the module also - I was so pissed I even ranted straight out on my blog...haha... ^_^


@jiayang - Yeah, I agree that Singaporeans like to be comfortable..you have no idea how happy I was when Prof Ben mentioned it in class and I'm like finally someone agrees with me... And you are right about the scared to graduate part too - coz I had my chance to graduate last semester and then I was suddenly freaked out.. But now I'm not so scared, at least I'm more confident in my abilities and what I want...Same as you, graduating in 1/2 yr's time...Hopefully we'll get what we want when we go out in the working world! ^_^


@sharon - For your computing friend..I think it just goes to prove that if you find your passion and head determinedly towards it, you will suceed in the end... ^_^ I was like you also, I never thought it was possible to deviate from the pri sch-sec sch-JC-UNI-work life track...

I only came to the realization too late in end of uni 1st year..that I have just been blindly following a path my parents charted for me. And I was very depressed also, because I deeply wanted to do art in uni but I always felt that I never really had a choice.. It was always too comfortable to strike out, I always had enough results to clear the next level of school... so I had no excuse to do art...

In fact I hated myself for passing my O lvls and A lvls, I wish I'd failed so I will be free to do what I want to do. Haha..I'm still feeling some of the regret now, but I've decided to make the most of my uni life and do as much design and art as I can... I did costume design for RAG, did hall decor, made posters, tried to be publicity head in all the ccas I'm in...and in year 2 I changed my major from literature to CNM so I will have more chance to do what I like.. Its still not art ART, but I'm happier here. ^_^

It was nice working with you for the Library Guide, I really feel lucky for having you as the person to liase with because I'm sure I can never find someone as nice as you..haha, like you were really trying to take care of me every step of the way..Don't worry, your colleagues were very nice also... ^_^ I think the class benefitted from you being in it also, especially your perspective on working life since most of us are still studying and we only have Prof Ben's word to go on..hahaha... I hope you'll find a great job that you love and pays well too! *hugz*


@wang sha - Quote from her blog:“ I know nothing now but I hope I can make something when I finish this course.” Actually, I think we all know some things before we started the course. Its just that this course has forced us to find out exactely how much we know about the things we already know...by making us use our avaliable skills for actual projects.. Like how I've always been content with my level of photoshop skills but now I realize there is a higher level of photoshop (and illustrator..haha) skill to achieve, and I've increased my level of photoshop use..haha..I'm understanding more about the things I already know because I need to use my skills practically for this module.


I'll just reply comments to my previous post here also:

@ jiayang - Yeah, its really been quite hard to shake off that "my work sucks" attitude - even when its nice I'll sometimes wonder if I remembered wrongly that I was the one who did it...haha.. >_< Hmm does tt happen to anyone else too?

@Toan. HAHAHAHAHAHA... *evil laughter*

@Jason: Thanks for remembering..and..PREPARE YOUR CAMERA... ^_^

@Su Yuen: Hmmm - I did try to de-code CSS during the first project, was consulting Chris Henry...haha but still quite FAIL leh.. (you can see my horrified post on it (http://mannie3216.blogspot.com/2009/01/all-nighter-madness-wei-man-vs-css.html) So I doubt I'll be an expert programmer if I'm forced to learn coding..haha..With illustrator its still an art thing, just different tool, so not as bad... ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

@Ben: =) Good wad, I push people to reach new limits and they are happy about it. Like you loh! But really la, I learnt alot from my NPCC culture - Discipline, thinking on your feet, taking initiative, and all that...^_^

@Hui Hui: THIS IS NOT EVEN 1/3 of what I want to say... ^_^ Oh ya, I watched the clip, yup, it was like that.. ^_^ Except I wasn't so fierce... ^_^ Good luck for your exams too!

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